About Us


Ultrina "Trina" Harris is a native of Miami, Florida, born and still resides in the heart of one of Florida's oldest Black communities, Overtown. Trina has over 15 years of relevant experience in non-profit management, issues-based advocacy, and small business development. Trina currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Touching Miami with Love, a faith-based non-profit organization that offers programs to nearly 400 children, youth, and adults in Overtown and West Homestead areas. The programs are designed to provide long-term holistic support by providing hope, opportunities, and resources.

Trina started in 2003, selling sneakers alongside her former partner from the truck of their car to successfully operating a brick and mortar location, Kicks on Wheels, until 2013.

In 2015, Trina's entrepreneurial spirit sparked her to create the retail business "The Shops of Overtown LLC." Trina launched The Shops of Overtown LLC with the vision of creating Outdoor Retail Carts in Overtown Miami for the coming tourism market. In November 2017, Trina opened Suite 110 Urbanwear, a creative retail experience located in the newly renovated Overtown Shopping Plaza. Creating a destination in Overtown where patrons and visitors indulge in shopping for streetwear, sneakers, and souvenirs and experience snippets of our urban culture history.

Trina is a solution-focused ambitious woman, a mother of two beautiful teen girls and a community change agent. She has for several years and continues to serve her community of Overtown in many ways. From working with numerous community-oriented organizations and having been a tremendous force of positivity in the lives of many Overtown residents. A true "Towner" and stakeholder invested in the future and sustainability of the Overtown neighborhood.

Trina currently serves as the President of the Overtown Business Association where her mission is to reestablish Overtown's MainStreet Designation and cultivate the business sector while elevating Black culture and experience.